Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I know this is long overdue... But here is a start to my catching up...

Ok… Ok… OK

I know it has been a long time since I have blogged but things got a little hectic. So I will start back in June where I left off…

University of Tennessee 1 was most likely the best camp experience I have ever had working for varsity.  Everything at this camp was awesome!!! From the cheer staff, camp administration, campers, and especially Mrs. Joy!  I cannot wait to go back to that camp again next year!!! 

Camps like this one remind me why I love my job.  I was sitting in the football complex and I thought to myself… 8 years ago what if I had not answered my phone? What if I ignored it just like any other unknown number? I could be sitting at home staring at people as they drive past my house. 

After finishing up Tennessee 1 camp I was pleasantly surprised with a “Raving Fan” award.  I just want to thank everyone that I have come in contact with through Varsity.  I am truly blessed to work for Varsity and all the opportunities that have come from this job!!! Working for this company has been life changing and I will always cherish the memories made always!!!

After Tennessee it was off to South Carolina to Lander University.  I love when I get to work with the “Byrd’s”… Jenna & Maggee!!! It was also time for a free 10 minute massage courtesy of the wonderful Kim!!! Thanks Kim!!!  I was also reunited with some staff that I had not worked with in a few years.  Who could resist the charms of Michael & Foy??? And of course one of the BEST Head Instructors in the South East… WILL. 

At each camp it’s like a mini reunion of sorts. Then you meet new people and make new friends to only wait till the next camp when you can see them again.  It is strange how close you can become with these people but it is good.  I know that I have made life long friends and have a place to stay just about anywhere if I need too. 

After Lander it was home for a few days and the annual Fourth of July Extravaganza.  Of course on the way home I stopped at Shelton Fireworks warehouse to pick up a few fireworks. 

The Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday of the year!  Of course I made a bunch of random food and invited everyone in the neighborhood as well as anyone who wanted to enjoy the fun.  If you want to have fun you come to my house on the Fourth! 

The high light of the day was the fireworks spectacular of course.  It was probably the best group of fireworks I have ever purchased.  I love all the pretty colors and loud noises. 

Overall it was a good day. No one got arrested, there were no leftovers, and no one got fireworks shot at them.  I have already started to plan for next year!!!

After a quick trip home I was back on the road again. This time to Concord North Carolina. The Great Wolf Lodge … Heck yea!!! This means good food and waterpark time!!! But it also meant that I would be working with Selassie… this will be Selassie’s last summer working camps. So of course I had to make the most of it… with pranks and well of course the “Robert John” t -shirt. 

Selassie was in this little movie a long time ago and well we of course have to poke a little fun at him from time to time.  When Greg walked out in the “Robert John” t -shirt Selassie’s face was absolutely priceless. 

I am sad that he won’t be coming back next summer but I am so lucky to have met such an amazing person.  For the past 20 years Selassie has shared his wonderful personality and infectious smile.  I will miss you signing to me in the early morning of camps and of course I will just miss you being there.  LOVE YOU SELASSIE!!!

Ok thats it for now... there is more to come. But for now here is a picture of me in my fort...

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